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Sound of Text is an online tool that allows you to generate text-to-speech voices using text-to-speech. With Sound of Text, you can create audio files of English or Japanese text using online voices or download pre-made reading files. This article will introduce you to Sound of Text, how to use this tool and the benefits of using synthetic voice.

Introduction to Sound of Text

Sound of Text is a free online text voice generator. It allows you to enter text and select synthetic voices to create an audio file of that text. Sound of Text uses online voiceovers powered by Google's synthetic voice system. These voices can be selected to suit your needs, from male and female voices to children's voices. Sound of Text also provides options to adjust the speed, volume, pitch of the voice and much more.

Create a text reading file online

Visit the Sound of Text website Enter text in the text box Select voice and other options (if available) Click the "Speak" button to start creating the reading file

Download the pre-made reading file

Create an online text reader by following the steps outlined above

Click the "Download" button to download the generated audio file The benefits of using synthetic voices Save time and effort The use of synthetic voice helps save time and effort compared to reading

Suitable for people with disabilities

For people with visual disabilities, the use of synthetic voices helps them access text content more easily.

Increased accessibility for the hearing impaired

Text-reading files created by Sound of Text can also help people with hearing loss access text content using screen-reading devices or assistive software.

Meet the needs of application developers

soundoftext also provides an API that developers can integrate into their apps. This makes it easy for developers to create text-reading features in their apps.

Convenient and versatile use

soundoftext can be used to generate a variety of text reading files, from news voices to standard English voices. It can also be used to create reading files containing specialized terms or difficult words.


Sound of Text is a free and convenient online tool for creating synthetic speech text reading files. Using synthetic voices can save time, increase accessibility for people with disabilities, and meet the needs of app developers. Moreover, Sound of Text also provides many options to create diverse and suitable text reading files for the user's needs. You can visit the Sound of Text website to create your own text reading files.

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